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Students Trained
heimlich maneouvre
two friends pose together
woman with big dog
student poses alone
Peter McKenzie poses alone
Cloutier Family
J.P. Goule poses alone
two teachers
student with his friend
Quebec Teacher poses alone
rescue post link
Joel Desrosiers poses alone
bruce and roger rescue story
Paul and Ryan
Mike and Pat
Taven and Ashley
Tanner and Bob
Teresa Giusti and Kaitlyn Labow
Talya and Jo
heimlich manoeuvre
teachers doing cpr training
group of students in gym
group of cpr mannequins in theatre seats
cpr training dummy
students cheering
students doing cpr training in gym
students cheering
Bear Creek students doing cpr training
mouth to mouth on baby doll
teen with paramedic
man with two women
teachers doing cpr training
Corey with family
cpr dummy
Bear Creek post link
Oshawa cpr training session
students in red shirts doing cpr training
students doing cpr training in gym
cpr training mannequin
Canoe Article post link
Sudbury students with police chief
Marcia OBrien poses alone
Teacher saves a stranger with CPR
When Marcia saw a man collapse in a restaurant, she knew how to react