About ACT

The Advanced Coronary Treatment (ACT) Foundation is the national charitable organization dedicated to establishing CPR and defibrillator training programs free for students in high schools across Canada.

The program is built on ACT’s award-winning community-based model of partnerships and support. ACT raises funds for mannequins and training resources for high schools and guides schools in program set-up.

High school teachers are trained as CPR and defibrillator instructors for their students. More than 7,600 teachers have been trained as instructors and ACT has already donated more than 57,000 durable mannequins to high schools, ensuring 1:1 mannequin / student ratio.

To date, more than 4.6 million youth have been trained by their high school teachers, with an additional 348,000 being trained each year. Many lives are being saved.

Established in 1985, ACT’s mission is to promote health and to empower Canadians to save lives.

ACT’s goal is to see all youth graduate with the skills and knowledge to save lives. The program also has a strong health promotion component, encouraging youth to adopt healthy lifestyle habits from a young age.

While national in scope, ACT’s programs have deep reach at the community level. No community is considered too large or too small for program implementation. Community members are encouraged to support the program in their high schools by volunteering or donating to the project.

The ACT Foundation is committed to diversity and inclusivity as overarching values as it pursues resuscitation training for all youth in schools everywhere in our country. The ACT Foundation and its Board views resuscitation response as an essential life skill to be taught to all students in Canada, regardless of location, colour, gender, ethnic origin, creed or religion. ACT joins with all those who believe in a just society in strongly condemning acts of violence and underlying systemic racism. We all have the responsibility to create a safe environment and a more equitable future. Moving forward, we will continue to encourage open dialogue among our teams and share more content that reflects our commitment to inclusion and diversity.

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