ACT High School CPR
and AED eLearning Tool

The ACT High School CPR and AED eLearning tool helps teachers empower their students with the theory portion of the ACT High School CPR and AED Program, accommodating virtual, hybrid and in school scenarios.

The ACT High School CPR and AED eLearning tool is divided into learning modules that have engaging videos, animation, imagery and scenarios. Each module was developed based on the established ACT High School CPR and AED Program and is curriculum-aligned for Physical Education and Health teaching.

The tool allows students to learn at their own pace with Recap sections and Knowledge Checks to review what they have learned.

The new ACT High School CPR and AED eLearning tool teaches students the first 3 ‘Rs’ of CPR:

  • Risk factors for heart disease and stroke and the importance of a heart healthy lifestyle
  • How to Recognize the signs of a heart attack, stroke and other developing emergency
  • How to React, including calling 911 quickly.
  • The new ACT eLearning resource introduces students to the fourth ‘R’ – Resuscitate, including CPR and how to use an AED in preparation for the hands-on skills practice using CPR mannequins and AED training units at school with their teachers.


  • Aligned with Physical Education and Health curriculum
  • Available in English or French
  • Accessibility compliant (AODA, closed captions, screen reader)
  • Easy to use self-guided learning
  • Can be done in multiple sessions or in one viewing
  • Easy to follow navigation
  • Engaging animations and videos
  • Real life scenarios and imagery
  • Recap and Knowledge Checks for each module
  • Links to additional resources within the tool
  • Follows the ACT High School CPR and AED Student Manual
  • Ideal for self-guided learning anytime
  • Can be accessed from any device using the Internet


  • Reliable Internet
  • Password provided by ACT
  • Device such as a computer, tablet, laptop or phone
  • Earphones (optional)

Technical Support

If you have any difficulties accessing the eLearning resource, check with your IT administrator as some school boards use firewalls that limit entry to this content.
To obtain access please contact us at: ACT@actfoundation or toll free at 1-800-465-9111.