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Bob, 53, who teaches CPR to his students, was immediately called over the PA system. He rushed to 56-year-old Michael’s aid and began CPR at once, with the help of fellow teachers Paul and Wayne. The group continued CPR until firefighters arrived with a defibrillator and by the time paramedics had arrived, Michael had regained consciousness.

“I still haven’t internalized everything that happened,” says Michael, who is alive today because of the quick action of his peers. “It was a godsend that we have CPR-trained teachers and students at school.”

Bob feels good about his role in saving Michael’s life.

“If I ever have a heart attack, I hope there is someone there to help me. I look at life differently now. At how fragile it is. One minute you’re busy with your day, the next minute you’re doing CPR. Life is fragile. It was a real wake up call.”