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The ACT Foundation is proud to present Amgen Canada with ACT’s Community Champion Award in celebration of Amgen’s 5-year anniversary as a National Health Partner to the Foundation. ACT is honoured to bestow this award to a National Health Partner for assisting the Foundation as it strives to reach its goal that would see every Canadian high school student graduate with the skills and knowledge to save a life.

Through the work of the ACT Foundation in establishing free CPR training programs in Canadian high schools, more than 4.8 million students have been trained by their teachers to date, and many are saving lives in their communities.

In Canada, an estimated 35,000 people suffer out-of-hospital cardiac arrests each year. With 80 per cent of cardiac arrests occurring in homes and public places, empowering youth with CPR training as part of their high school education will help increase citizen CPR response rates and save lives.

“CPR is an essential life skill for all Canadians,” says Dr. Justin Maloney, an emergency physician at the Ottawa Hospital and ACT Foundation’s National Medical Director. “We are grateful for Amgen Canada’s continued support in helping the ACT Foundation bring this lifesaving program into Canadian high schools.”

Through the ACT High School CPR Program, students learn about the 4 ‘Rs’ of CPR. This includes Risk factor education on heart disease and stroke; how to Recognize a developing medical emergency like a heart attack, a cardiac arrest, or stroke; how to React including the importance of calling 911 and what to do until the ambulance arrives; and Resuscitate – CPR and how to use an AED. The program promotes students’ interest in science and health that can lead to enhanced career opportunities and help build Canadian innovation.

“Amgen is honoured to support the ACT Foundation for eight years to date and five years as a national health partner,” says Brian Heath, President of Amgen Canada. “The successful delivery of programs like this require collaboration. It is everyone’s responsibility to develop Canadian youth to be national and global citizens, equipped with the knowledge and skills to contribute meaningfully through their actions and behaviours. Together we take collective action to bridge the gap for Canadian students and help them make the connection between their interests and the value they can bring beyond the classroom.”

“We are proud to present the ACT Community Champion Award to Amgen Canada, whose support is so important to the ACT Foundation’s success in saving lives. We have made great strides with the support of our National Health Partners, along with our government, health, education, and community partners,” says Sandra Clarke, Executive Director and Founder of the ACT Foundation. “It is a wonderful example of a successful partnership between government, corporate citizens, a charitable foundation, and the community affecting positive change where we live, work, and play. By working together, we are making our communities healthier.”